Truck Festival will return 22-24th July 2022  /  


A limited amount of Truck Festival 2022 Tickets are on sale now for as little as £140! You can also spread your ticket per month by selecting the Payment Plan option


Tier 5

Weekend Camping

£140 + bf buy now

Tier 5 + Thursday Entry

Weekend Camping

£165 + bf buy now

Tier 5 + Zodiac Fields

Weekend Camping + Zodiac Fields

£200 + bf buy now

Tier 5 + Thursday + Zodiac

Weekend Camping + Thursday Entry + Zodiac

£225 + bf buy now


Weekend Camping

£16.66 p/month buy now

Zodiac Fields Upgrade

£60 + bf buy now

Electrical Hook Up

Power available to Campervan/Caravan ticket holders only

£60 + bf buy now


If you need the use of our Disabled Access facilities and/or a free Personal Assistant ticket, then please purchase a standard festival ticket for yourself and add ‘Accessibility’ to your booking on the booking flow under ‘Extras’. We will send you an access form as soon as these go live.

Please note that we do ask access customers to purchase a car parking ticket if needed.

If you have an questions please email:
[email protected]